America's Team Softball  

Changing Lives Through Sports.

At America’s Team, we believe in Changing Lives Through Sports. It’s not just a slogan. Each of us has been inspired to greater understanding- of ourselves, of the world, of other people- through sports. Then came the idea to use sports to learn about a foreign country, its people and culture. What better way to learn about the world, than through sports. To help us accomplish our mission of experiencing a foreign land, America’s Team partnered with ACIS (American Council for International Studies). For over 30 years ACIS has striven to changing lives with the highest quality educational tours. America’s Team realizes their success and has chosen them to make your experience one that you will never forget.



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    The boys down here in the  Dominican know how to play ball better then anyone in the world!  Every single one of them throws hard! Regardless, we still went 5 and 1 baby!


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    “I am from a small town and got to fly in a airplane for the first time.  The players in the Dominican are so good and seeing the fields they train on made me appreciate the nice fields back home.”


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    “Italy was awesome!  Getting to play baseball in a foreign country, and the stadiums we played in were amazing.  The Colosseum was definitely the best thing I saw.  It is huge!  I can’t wait to go again next summer.”


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