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Kansas FFA Spain Ag Exchange
June 5-13, 2023
Cost - $5191
Group Leader: Joy
Group Leader ID: 68669

The Kansas FFA is sending a special group of students to Spain to learn about agriculture across the Atlantic and to challenge students to improve leadership, personal growth and empathy to become true global citizens through international travel education.

We want you as part of our Kansas Delegation!  You are invited because you were recommended by your local FFA Chapter sponsor.  Every student invited is recommended by their local FFA Chapter sponsor, based on their academics, leadership and service within their local FFA chapter, and overall character throughout their community.

Kansas FFA has partnered with America's Team for the Kansas FFA Spain Ag Exchange. 


What is America's Team?  America's Team shows high school students the world through agriculture.  We introduce our students to a foreign country, its people and culture...and we learn about Ag at the same time!  It's the coolest thing in the world!!!

The Kansas FFA Spain Ag Exchange will focus on leadership, confidence, hands on learning, serving others and career preparation.

Leadership - Leaders share common traits. Empathy, adaptability, courage and strong communication skills—these are the foundation to a leader’s success.  Our program will challenge and improve each student in all of these areas.

Ag Exchanges - Doing to Learn - Ag Exchanges focus on comparative learning and sharing dynamics, offering students the chance to learn new techniques by doing new techniques, share experiences and exchange views on how the role of agriculture compares on both sides of the Atlantic.

Serving Others - Serving others provides a meaningful way to apply leadership, empathy and communication skills. The specific tasks will vary according to the current needs of the community.

Confidence - Our program will help transform students.  It will help them find their voice and sense of self, step outside their comfort zone to grow in their leadership.  They will walk away from the trip having an incredible sense of self advocacy, self-confidence, and an openness towards others and the world around them.  They will bring this renewal back home, share their experiences and model the way for their peers.

Prepare for Career Success - Student's will prepare for career success in whatever field they choose with both the technical and soft skills learned during our program.  Empathy, leadership and communication skills are universally sought after in any organization and profession.

Below are links to review all the information about the Kansas FFA Spain Ag Exchange with your parents.

Kansas FFA Spain Ag Exchange Itinerary

Registration Booklet -  The Registration Booklet covers what's included on your tour, your tour manager, hotels, meals, safety and security of your delegation, insurance, payment plans and refund policies.

America's Team Videos and Testimonials - The videos cover the program top to bottom, featuring the benefits of travel, a typical day on tour and how traveling helps your college recruitment.  Hear from players, parents and coaches that have traveled with America's Team.

Fundraising - We understand raising the money to travel is a common concern for all students and parents. We have been taking students overseas for a long time, and have a ton of resources to help you make this adventure a reality!

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of Ag Exchanges will we be part of?

You will be part of a variety of Ag Exchanges.  Some will be similar to ag practices in Kansas, learning about grains and row crops.  Other Ag Exchanges will be completely new.  We want to take advantage of being on the coast and integrate oceanic agriculture experiences. One thing all will have in will get your hand dirty!  We learn best by doing!


Can Parents/Family Members Travel?

Parents and family members are more than welcome to travel. We average 6 parents that go with each group, so I anticipate a handful of parents joining this team too. The cost for a family member is the same as a student. This guarantees you the same flights, hotels, meals, tours, tour bus, tour manager, etc...they get everything the students get. Please note: Family members over 24 will be charged the $100 Adult Surcharge.

What is the Adult Surcharge?

When we negotiate with our vendors for all the tours and excursions we take the teams on, the vendors give us the youth prices. When we show up with adults, the vendors charge us the full fare for all the tours and excursions.

When is my registration and deposit due?

Your deadline to register and pay your deposit is 30 days from when you received your invitation.  Your deposit is due at the time of registration.  We can't hold your spot without the deposit.

How much is the deposit?

The deposit to secure your spot on the team is $495.  The deposit is not an additional charge. The deposit is part of the total tour cost.

What's Included in the tour cost?

What's Included...Flights and hotels, all Ag Exchange tours and excursions outlined in the itinerary, coach tour bus and professional, bi-lingual tour manager, and breakfast and dinners daily.

Not Included...Lunches and spending money for souvenirs, tips, snacks, etc...

Registration Instructions


If you want to be on the team, Click Here to Register.

Please make sure to have your parents help you register.  We can't hold your spot without the deposit, so you will need a form of payment.

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