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Dominican Republic Softball Tourney
July 21-28, 2025
Cost - $4145

We work with college coaches all across the country and we want you on our Dominican Republic Softball team!  You were invited because you are on the recruiting radar of one or more of our coaches.  We look for good athletes who can play multiple positions and mix and match lineups.  We like to keep our rosters small to make sure all players get a lot of playing we need athletes who can play all over!


All our teams are led by college coaches. You can learn more about our college coaches here,

What is America's Team?  America's Team shows athletes the world through sports.  We introduce our players to a foreign country, its people and culture...and we play softball at the same time!  It's the coolest thing in the world!!!

If you are ready to sign up for the team, Registration Instructions are at the bottom of this page.

Still need more information?  Below are links to review with your parents.

Dominican Republic Softball Itinerary and Cost - Check out the day to day activities and the cost details.

Registration Booklet -  The Registration Booklet covers what's included on your tour, your tour manager, hotels, meals, safety and security of your team, insurance, payment plans and refund policies.

America's Team Social Media - Check out posts and pics from previous tours on Instragram and Facebook.

America's Team Videos and Testimonials - The videos cover the program top to bottom, featuring the benefits of travel, a typical day on tour and how traveling helps your college recruitment.  Hear from players, parents and coaches that have traveled with America's Team.

Fundraising - We understand raising the money to travel is a common concern for all players and parents. We have been taking teams overseas for a long time, and have a ton of resources to help you make this adventure a reality!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will We Practice?

We won't practice. We are building this team with kids all across the USA, which makes it impossible to get all the players together for practice.

Who coaches our team?


All our teams are led by college coaches.  All our coaches have a passion for kids and education.  Our coaches are going to help challenge you to become a better player and are available to help in the recruiting process.  We all share the same mission of changing lives through sports!

How is the competition level?

In a word...Good!  The teams we face overseas are local club teams that play together year after year.  All our players project out to be small college players...D2, D3, NAIA type level players. Occasionally, we get a player that goes onto play D1, but our typical player is one that goes on to play small college ball.

Can Parents/Family Members Travel?

Parents and family members are more than welcome to travel. We average 6 parents that go with each team, so I anticipate a handful of parents joining this team too. The cost for a family member is the same as a player. This guarantees you the same flights, hotels, meals, tours, tour bus, tour manager, get everything the players get, you just don't get to play. Please note: Family members over 24 will be charged the $100 Adult Surcharge.

What is the Adult Surcharge?

When we negotiate with our vendors for all the tours and excursions we take the teams on, the vendors give us the youth prices. When we show up with adults, the vendors charge us the full fare for all the tours and excursions.

Who will I room with?

Our standard rooming is in a triple, with 3 players sharing a room.  For parents/adults, our standard rooming is a double room with 2 adults sharing a room.  A player could room with their parent in a double room. Each person would just have to pay the double room upgrade.

When is my registration and deposit due?

Your deadline to register and pay your deposit is 30 days from when you received your invitation.  Your deposit is due at the time of registration.  We can't hold your spot without the deposit.

How much is the deposit?

The deposit to secure your spot on the team is $495.  The deposit is not an additional charge. The deposit is part of the total tour cost.

What's Included in the tour cost?

What's Included...Flights and hotels, games/tournament fees and uniforms, tours and excursions outlined in the itinerary, coach tour bus and professional, bi-lingual tour manager, and breakfast and dinners daily, tips.

Not Included...Lunches and spending money for souvenirs, snacks, etc...

If you have more questions...


Hop on a Zoom call to ask any questions you may have.  Zoom calls are a great way to connect with other players and get all your questions answered.

Zoom Call Info

Monday and Wednesday - 2:00 PM Eastern Time

Meeting ID -

Meeting Password - Wyhy64

If you can't make a zoom call, here is the link to a previous Zoom to watch with your parents,

Registration Instructions

If you want to be on the team, Click here to Register.

It’s just a few easy steps:

  1. Get your parents, and either a credit card or checking account.  A Deposit is required for enrollment. We can't hold your spot and you won't be added to the team without the $495 deposit

  2. Click on the Registration link here 

  3. Choose the ‘Participant’ option. 

  4. Choose your departure city. **Please be sure to register from your preferred airport closest to home. If your home city is not what’s listed as the default, simply choose the box ‘I would like to depart from a different city than the rest of my group’ and choose your airport from the drop-down menu.  We will book your flights for you, and have you meet up with others to fly overseas together.

  5. Enter your information to create your account

  6. Choose your payment option

  7. Click ‘Submit’.  This will secure your spot on the team

  8. You will receive a Confirmation email from ACIS once your registration is complete

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