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  • How is the team put together?

               Every player on America’s Team is recommended by a coaching professional or a former athlete. Recommendations are  

               based upon your integrity, character and overall athletic ability. Our teams are made of individuals that make great

               ambassadors and great athletes.


  • How much playing time will I get?

               Our team members come from coach’s recommendations, so each player is obviously talented. For this reason, our  

               coaches are instructed to provide equal playing time among every team member. Our teams are carefully constructed

               to provide maximum playing time for each student-athlete.


  • What is the competition like overseas?

               As in the USA, competition varies by location. If your tour surrounds a scheduled tournament, then you should expect the competition to  

               be  very competitive. Friendship tours often include local club teams, which include good quality competition, designed to promote the 

               sport in their respective country.


  • Can my family and/or friends travel with the team?

               Absolutely! Anyone who wishes to participate in this unique sports tour program is welcome. A younger brother or sister can serve as a 

               batboy or batgirl and parents often make great score-keepers. Parents, family, friends and other boosters all add flavor to the excitement

               of a sporting tour. Your parents have watched you play all your life. Why should that stop now? If your parents or family members would

               like to travel with the team, please contact your recruiter for more information.





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