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Coach - What is your legacy?  


How do you want to be remembered?  What do you want your players to say about you 20 years from now? We are only on this earth for a very short time, and want to make as much of an impact as we can.


At America’s Team, we want to leave the following legacy.

  1. To Educate - We want to provide kids with life experiences that they can only get by exploring the world first-hand.

  2. To Inspire - We hope to inspire kids to have self-confidence to accomplish anything

  3. To Challenge - We are going to challenge kids to stretch themselves into new territory, where failure is seen as an event, not a person.  The true measure of success is how you respond to challenges and setbacks.

  4. To Love - Above all else, we want all our kids to understand we care for them, and they are important!  Everything about them matters...their strengths, weaknesses, fears, accomplishments...every part of them matters!


Does your vision of your legacy look similar to ours?  If so, keep reading.

What We Do


Simple.  We take kids overseas to introduce them to a foreign country, its culture and people...and we play sports at the same time.  It is the coolest thing in the world!!!


How It Works

  1. Are you a leader?  Whether you are a high school, travel or club coach, academy/facility owner, pro, or run a travel organization, we have various roles tailored to you and your comfort level.

  2. Is this a Win-Win?  Simply put, are we right for each other.  Coaching for America’s Team is an amazing adventure.  But with any great reward, there comes great responsibility.  Let’s visit to make sure we are a good fit for you, and vice versa.  We are not the right fit for every coach...but for those that are, get ready for the ride of a lifetime!!!

  3. What’s on your Bucket List?  Once we determine a partnership makes sense, where do you want to go?  Where have you always dreamed of going? Let your imagination run wild!  You can pick from one of our standard tours, or we can build a custom tour just for your team.

  4. Who do you want on your team?  Now, let’s build your team.  We will be here every step of the way, from getting invitations to your players, answering questions about currency exchange, all the way to providing ideas for free time on tour.

  5. Cement Your Legacy.  The coach that made it possible for your players and families to create memories that will be passed down for generations.  That is what your legacy will be after traveling with America’s Team! You will be the coach that made an impact on your players they never thought possible, and will remember forever!!!

Am I a good fit?

Coaches often ask, what do successful coaches look like.  Our best coaches have the following qualities.

  1. Passion for Education

  2. Leader in their community

  3. Want to provide opportunities for their players/families

  4. Wear the red, white and blue with pride

  5. An adventurous spirit

  6. Member of a supportive community

  7. Passion to grow and share the game

  8. Want to set yourself apart from other coaches/programs

Want to learn more?

Please set a time to chat Here. 

Or you can can complete the Coach Application.

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